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Diet Plans

Personalized Diet Plans

The name Dawn Michelle Simon is synonymous with healthy diet plans. Feel free to make an appointment with me in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to discuss your specific needs. I earned both a graduate degree in nutrition and dietetics and a B.S. in food science and nutrition.

Dietitian Service

Whether you need a special diet plan or you have a child who is not eating, I am able to help. The first evaluation is designed to determine the targeted treatment, as well as the underlying cause for the patient's problem. From picky eating to sensory processing disorders, I work with a variety of patients.

In the case of children, I work strategically with the parents to get a detailed look at the child's background. Better nutrition for kids usually means a better immune system, improved focus, and better emotional stability, not to mention the overall improvement of growth and weight.

I am passionate about my work, and will go through every step in great detail, if needed, to solve the nutrition issues of my patients. In cases where patients need a certain type of nutrient or vitamin quickly, I have special food and supplements from my own company.

Children Eating Healthy Food